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                    <h2>One idea,<br /> many solutions</h2>
                    <h3>INNOVATIVE VALVE WITH ZERO DEAD LEGS</h3>

Valves range design. CAD family valves are very wide and under are showed some configurations. Our specialist in process design, will support you for choosing the appropriate one or, to help you to design your solution preparation system with the best solution to achieve free unused portion piping, zero dead legs design, minimize solution hold up, compact design with fast and effective CIP and SIP cycles.

Standard preassembled valves. A various valves assembly are available to speed up process constructions. Point of use, bottom point, and others are available as standard products.

Tailored valves and valves assembly. If required, our specialists will be able to design, built and provide with fast delivery special valves or assembly.

Aseptic processing ask for equipment able to fulfil stringent requirements of CIP and SIP. CAD valves are designed to answer properly process configuration upstream, around  and downstream process vessels. The family of CAD valves, also available on ready to use assembly and will offer a wide solution applications able to reach compact design, free of dead legs, allowing to minimize solution hold up. Processing with CAD valves, which are constructed of 2 materials only: EN 1.4435-BN2 and PTFE USP Class VI-121°, will provide you an efficient process system, simple, reliable, and easy to validate.

CAD valves benefits:
- Complaining CIP-SIP Cycles
- No unused portions
- Flush flow design
- Easy process Validation
- Wide range answering  applications needs
- Extensive tech documentation for Validation

CAD valves are the key tools able to help you that critical criteria are easily satisfied.

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