2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference

2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference


2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference
30 March - 1 April 2020
Madrid, Spain

Meet Rattiinox at Stand #H

Following very productive ISPE table-top exhibitions in San Francisco and Dublin last year, Rattiinox will be at the 2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference in Madrid 30 March - 1 April 2020.

On show will be some of the Rattiinox innovative "more aseptic" solutions to:

  • increase CIP cleanability
  • simplify bioreactor design for quick and easy CIP validation
  • reduce valve planned maintenance very dramatically (valves designed for use with aggressive chemicals, high SIP temperatures, 185nm UV, ozone, etc.)
  • avoid un-planned valve maintenance completely
  • reduce bioburden to offer the possibility of reducing F0 times for terminal sterilization
  • reduce SIP and CIP cycle times (using vacuum whilst valves hot)
  • aseptically connect multiple batch process vessels to multiple (semi-)continuous process lines and CIP/SIP the same multiple vessels and lines

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