The Rattiinox CAD Double Position Sensor (SEND) provides both a local visual and electrical feedback about the position of the valve. The SEND position indicator offers the possibility to record the opening and closing positions in an ultra-compact simple and ATEX SAFE device. The sensor is easily programmed using the CAD Programmer (YACT-SENP-0XC0-X0000) or via PLC. There is one size which can be used for all CAD valve pneumatic actuators from ½” to 4” and 90° Extended Hand Knobs thanks to the included adaptors.  The device works with either the standard or extended diaphragms. The SEND electrical double position indicator is designed for use with the CAD valve compact linear pneumatic actuators, either single or double acting.  The device is microprocessor controlled with an integrated analogue travel sensor system.

The visual feedback is 360° via high visibility LEDs in three colors which match the mode the device is in. The housing is corrosion resistant stainless steel 316L with IP 67 protection class. The SEND device is programmed either with the hand held SEND programmer or remotely via PLC. There are no internal parts to adjust making the CAD SEND positioner sensor very user friendly and fast to program.

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There are three simple programming steps, each with visual indication. The flashing BLUE LED indicates the device is in programming mode. With air pressure removed, the valve closes and the color changes to RED.  With the appropriate air pressure the valve opens and the OPEN position is set. The LED changes to GREEN.  Both positions are then set. It’s that simple!

There is no need to arrange mechanical limits for both positions or to open the unit for any reason. The CAD SEND device position can also be easily rotated in order to accommodate the best input angle of the sensing cable.

Thanks to the possibility of remote PLC programming of the CAD SEND sensors, you can program and save all detecting points system wide on all the CAD valves in less than 10 seconds, without any mechanical adjustment. How many hours saved? This is a real cost saving solution.

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