Unlimited Sampling

Unlimited Sampling


In process sampling is a critical function in many cell culture and fermentation operations. Maintaining process as well as sample integrity is paramount. Process integrity takes an even higher priority in long fermentation runs. And while single use needle based system have many applications on the down-stream side, the nature of the fluids being sampled from fermenters and bioreactors require different methods.



The Rattiinox CAD lateral sample system allows for an unlimited number of representative samples to be taken without fear of compromising the process or the sample. In some cases the system allows for connection of a disposable sampling apparatus. In other cases it is more appropriate to use a glass or metal containers that are available with larger sample lumen sizes.

The CAD lateral sampling system can accommodate nearly any sample configuration from single use needle based systems and single use plastic bottle assemblies. The system will also accommodate glass and metal bottle assemblies.

The basic operation of the system depending on the configuration involves attaching the selected sample device and then steaming the sampling path. The preferred method for achieving a representative sample would then involve drying the sampling path. At this point the system is ready to sample.

The main valve to the fermenter or bioreactor would be opened and product would flow into the sterile chamber where it is collected. After a certain volume is captured the main valve is closed and the valve to drain is opened.



Regardless if using a single use or bottle system the sample pathway should at a minimum be flushed with WFI and dried to ensure the next sample is not diluted. If using a bottle system that is replaced after each sample the sample pipe would need to be flushed prior to removing the collection device.

If using a disposable needle based device, after five or nine samples the device will need to be replaced and as for unlimited sampling, a new sample device or container would be mounted and the sterilization and sample procedure would be repeated.

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